Beatle Woods Pricing & Sessions

Beatle Woods offers funded places up to 15 hours per week for children aged 3 and 4 years old. This is available in the term following the child’s 3rd birthday. We also offer several fully funded 2 year old places (subject to Government Criteria). Funded children must attend for a minimum of 2 days and we are able to claim a maximum of 5 hours per day. Therefore, one hour a day is chargeable as per our table on the following page. For children that do not come into this category, we charge the following fees and require a minimum of 2 days attendance per week.

9am-3pm- £47.00 per day

Sessional days: 9:00am to 3:00pm. Up to 15 hours per week over 38 weeks per year = 570 hours per year

Attendance (days per week) Funded hours per week Additional hours per week Number of weeks per year Cost of additional hours per week Cost of unfunded place per week
2 10 2 38 £35.00 £94.00
3 15 3 38 £52.50 £141.00
4 15 9 38 £99.50 £188.00
5 15 15 38 £146.50 £262.50

*38 weeks per year, billed per half term. Charged monthly in advance depending on number of weeks in the term.

How we calculate fees

We take the number of funded hours per week that a child is accessing (a minimum of 10 hours per week over 2 days) and charge for the additional hours as per the table above to invoice accordingly.

A session is 6 hours long, so 15 hours funding means that a child can have up to 3 funded sessions per week and the additional hour each day is charged at £17.50. Any non-funded sessions in addition, are charged as listed in the table (4 or 5 days attendance only).

We work out how many funded sessions per month a child is entitled to at Beatle Woods and show that, as well as any non-funded sessions, on the monthly invoices.

Price & Sessions