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    I would not leave either of my children anywhere apart from Beatle Woods. I am very much a fan of unforced learning and joined my 4 year old son up to Beatle Woods for two days a week so that he could meet some other little people and be out in the beautiful ten acres of private grounds breathing in the fresh air, being able to move around freely doing whatever he wanted to do.

    The first day that we went to meet Rachel, I was overwhelmed by my son’s reaction to this environment and to Rachel. He was previously very clingy to me, but here he let go of my hand and wandered off with Rachel to explore the base camp. It was amazing and literally brought tears to my eyes. Each week my son and I were welcomed into the setting and allowed as much time as we wanted to settle in. Often we left together, until one day my son was happy for me to leave him there for a while. Rachel updated me constantly and as soon as my son asked for “mama” she would text me to tell me so that I could come and get him. She also sent me pictures and videos. My son has a speech delay and his emotional well being is of the highest importance to me.
    My son has been at Beatle Woods now since last September. He will be staying there for his Reception year and then afterwards for flex-schooling (two days at Beatle Woods and the other three homeschooling). My 3 year old daughter will be joining this coming September and will follow in her brother’s footsteps as I want her to have the same wonderful self-directed experience.

    I cannot explain how thankful I am that Beatle Woods have opened. The setting is beautiful and the staff are amazing. My children have the freedom to develop at their own pace and learn in their own way . I believe that this place will remain a very special place in their hearts. It definitely will in mine.

    Nyree & Family

    As a parent of a child with additional needs I would consider it an honour to speak up about Beatle Woods and our experience to date.

    It was by parent recommendation that we visited and we were overwhelmed by the atmosphere and approach to learning. We loved the freedom to learn but the attentiveness of staff to each child. We are amazed by the staff who, when presented with our child and his education health and care plan, could integrate his learning goals into their setting creatively and still be absolutely true to their ethos. His requirements of makaton,development appropriate learning and extra toilettng were merely “incidental” and before we know it the manager had booked on training at her own cost in order to facilitate his learning and understand some of the research around adapted learning strategies for a child with Down Syndrome.

    Our son LOVES his days at Beatle Woods and we are equally delighted with what we see of his learning during the day through their Eylog. These staff are clearly happy to be there and we feel our son is equally different to each other child and his unique strengths are being embraced rather than challenges explored.

    We can’t thank them enough for their enthusiasm to take our son and we are confident this setting has everything he needs and more to compliment and progress his learning and development

    Two very happy parents

    My son has been attending Beatle Woods since September 2017, when the forest school opened. lt has been a fantastic experience for him and he has gained so much from spending time in this environment. The children get to experience and understand the changing of the seasons and what happens to the environment around them.

    The children form bonds as they explore, and problem solve. They use the environment around them

    as the backdrop for imaginative play. There are many ‘carrot mud pies’, jungle treks and dinosaur adventures to be had in the woods. lt is fantastic to see how the staff teach in the moment and make the most of the learning opportunities as the children explore at their own pace.

    Asking my son what he likes best about Beatle Woods, sums up the fulfilment of one of the most basic childhood pleasures, ‘jumping in muddy puddles’. Come rain or shine the children are making the most of what is around them, building confidence and resilience and importantly developing positive attitudes to the outdoors and the environment which will stay with them throughout their lives.