Outdoor Nursery Kit List

Children must come to Beatle Woods with the correct clothing. The weather is often changeable and therefore we provide this kit list to assist you in ensuring your child is warm and dry during sessions. Please note that they must arrive in their supplied waterproofs ( or similar ) for each session. Our experience shows us that during Autumn/Winter children need:

Layers. Layers. Layers!

Base layer – thermals (we suggest the merino wool thermals Mountain Warehouse/Go outdoors)
Next bottom layer – fleece or other warm tracksuit bottoms (we suggest monte fleece trousers or other fleece/joggers)
First top layer – long sleeve t-shirt
Second top layer (on cold days) – fleece jumper (we suggest etna half zip fleece or similar)
Third top layer – fleece jacket (we suggest monte fleece jacket)
Final layer – Beatle Woods waterproofs

Extra layers – a neck scarf is a good idea


Cold weather

We recommend welly socks and unless it’s really wet, snow boots can be warmer than wellies. JojoMamanBebe or little trekkers do great snow boots which teamed with a pair of their welly socks can keep little ones toasty warm. They aren’t very waterproof however but there are some great brands of wellies that have liners; Kamik boots are expensive but brilliant, Bogs, Spotty Otter and Crocs too. Please note that children must have either lined wellies or wellie socks as without these feet become cold very quickly in the winter months.

Average weather

We recommend wellies with 2 pairs of socks. The bottom a thin cotton sock then top sock a thick wool or fluffy bed sock, similar to those sold next to the checkout at H&M. JojoMamanBebe and Startrite do great wellies.


A good hat is a must. JojoMamanBebe have lovely warm hats which aren’t waterproof but you can always pop their hoods up on those occasional wet days or Didrickson also have lovely warm hats.


As part of the registration fee we supply your child with a set of Didrickson’s waterproofs, pileglove mittens and a backpack. The Didrickson pileglove is a lined and waterproof long mitten, under which we recommend a simple glove. In snowy or very cold weather the best suggestion to keep warm is lovely thick waterproof ski gloves. If you have a child who will wear those, fabulous news. We discovered that most children don’t like the curtailment of freedom that they feel in such bulky gloves so we find ourselves recommending sending little ones with a multipack of gloves similar to from H&M that can then go under the supplied waterproof ones. As gloves can get wet during fun playing with mud, we ask you to please ensure you have lots of spare pairs in their bags from approximately October onwards.

Beatle Woods Kitlist 1
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